24 Hour Hotline: 352-344-8111 or 

Safety Planning

Safety During Violence In The Home

If my partner becomes violent, I will try to move to a room that has an exit.   I will try to avoid bathrooms and closets.  I will try to avoid the kitchen, where there are knives, and any other rooms with potential weapons.

I will keep my purse and cars keys ready.  I will leave a set of keys with someone I trust.  I will let that person know about my situation so that she/he does not tell the abuser.

I can alert neighbors about my situation so that they can call for law enforcement if they hear or see anything alarming.

I will safety plan with my children.  I will teach them to call 911 and how to state their full names and address.  I can use a code word or statement with them so that they know to get help.  They can go to (someone's house, public place) for help.

Preparing to Leave the Home

When I decide to leave the home, I must prepare carefully.  If the abuser finds out that I want to leave, he may become more violent.  I will keep important papers and items together for when I am ready to go:

  • Personal Identification (driver's license, passport, ID card)
  • Birth Certificates for myself and my children
  • Social security cards
  • Medical and vaccination records for myself, children, and pets
  • Money, checks, credit cards
  • Keys to home, office, and car
  • Welfare information, work permits, green card
  • Lease agreement, mortgage deed, mortgage payment book
  • Banking and insurance papers
  • Medication for myself and children
  • Divorce/custody papers

While I am preparing to leave, I will also:

  • Make arrangement for my pets
  • Remove important documents from my computer and put them on a flash drive
  • Know where I will go
  • Keep spare change for phone calls
I can call CASA at: 344-8111, if I am in Citrus County.
I can call 1-800-500-1119 for the closest shelter in Florida.

Safety in My Own Home, Away from the Abuser

There are safety measures that I can take to increase safety in my own home.  I can:

  • Keep a copy of the injuction with me at all times
  • Give a copy of the injunction to my children's school
  • Change the locks on my doors and windows
  • Replace wooden doors with metal/steel doors
  • Install a security system (ask the sheriff's office for a safety evaluation of the home)
  • Purchase rope ladders to escape from second floor windows
  • Install smoke detectors and fire extinguishers
  • Install outdoor lighting and motion detectors
  • Avoid drug and alcohol abuse and people that abuse drugs and alcohol

Safety in Public Places and at Work

There are safety measures that can be implemented to increase my safety in public and at work.  I can:

  • Tell my boss and coworkers about my situation
  • Ask to have my calls screened at work
  • Ask other people or security guards to walk me to my car
  • Contact CASA for a 911 cell phone
  • Conduct business and shop in different places
  • Change my routines
  • Go to a public place if a problem arises