24 Hour Hotline: 352-344-8111 or 

CASA Services

The Citrus Abuse Shelter Association, Inc. (CASA) provides services free of charge to survivors of domestic violence.  The services are as follows:

24-Hour Hotline 

A twenty-four-hour hotline is available to request shelter at any time or to seek help and safety planning from a domestic violence advocate.

Emergency Shelter

CASA provides shelter to women and their children who are victims of domestic violence.  Men are referred to another local shelter.  Our shelter services provide a safe haven for the survivors as they are recovering from abuse and working on a plan for a successful life free from abuse.  The shelter will provide all food, toiletries, and clothing as needed.  All outreach services listed below are also provided.


Individual Counseling

Domestic violence advocates provide crisis-intervention counseling to survivors of domestic violence.  Advocates talk about dynamics of domestic violence, and they assist survivors with achieving goals and overcoming personal challenges.


Women’s Empowerment Groups

These groups are open to women survivors of domestic violence.  The group focuses on the dynamics of domestic violence, the effects of domestic violence on children, safety planning, self-care, healthy boundaries, goal setting,  red-flags in relationships, and more. 



The advocates assist survivors of domestic violence with safety planning and goal setting. The advocate works with the survivor to devise a plan to keep the survivor and dependents safe from further abuse.  Next, the advocate listens to the goals of the survivor to assist the survivor and to empower her to have a successful, independent life.  An advocate may assist the survivor with the following services:  shelter, counseling, groups or classes, job assistance, housing referrals, state-aid assistance, legal assistance and accompaniment to court, information and assistance with Victims Crime Compensation, Address Confidentiality Program, and the Relocation Program through the Attorney General's Office.


Public Education

CASA will provide professional training and community education on the dynamics of domestic violence.  Professional training is an extensive training available to any business, including law enforcement, health/medical field, and the school system.  Community education includes a description of CASA services and a brief overview of domestic violence.


Children’s Services

CASA provides positive intervention services to children that are residing in the domestic violence shelter.  Services include activities and planned trips that promote character, self-esteem, and healing.  Outreach groups are available during times that coincide with the Women’s Empowerment Groups.  Services also include safety planning, assessing the needs of the children in the shelter and making appropriate referrals.

Primary Prevention

 CASA works with the local school system to provide on-going education to teens.  The Primary Prevention Advocate facilitates a classes once a week for eight weeks in area schools. The class teaches students about healthy relationships, dating violence, domestic violence, gender stereotypes, and respect. 


Domestic Violence/child welfare advocate

The Domestic Violence/Child Welfare Advocate is a CASA advocate that works with the local Department of Children and Families, Child Protection Investigation Division.  The DVCW Advocate educates protective investigators about domestic violence and batterer accountability and provides CASA services to the non-offending parent when there is domestic violence in the home.  The goal is to have children in our community living violence-free and unified with the non-offending parent.

No person shall, on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, or disability be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to unlawful discrimination under any program or activity receiving or benefiting from federal financial assistance and administered by CASA.  Foreign language and certified sign language interpreters or alternative auxiliary aids will be made available at no charge to the client.